Frederick T. McCullough III

123 Sutherland Road, Apartment #F, Brighton, MA 02135

Email: ▪† Phone: 845.380.9072







▪† To gain employment in a studio environment where my range of skills and studies in architecture, design, and 3D modeling can be best applied.






Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Troy, NY; Completed May 2008

††† ▪† Bachelor of Science in Architectural Building Sciences; 3.08 Cumulative GPA

††† ▪† Concentration in Computer Applications; Studies in Lighting Design

††† ▪† Minor in Game Design Studies, and Studies in Japanese

††† ▪† Rifle Marksmanship Club [RPI Club President and Distinguished Expert Ranked Marksman]

††† ▪† Rensselaer Union Speakerís Forum [Media Operations Coordinator and Graphic Designer]






▪† Working knowledge of Windows 3.1 through 7, and MS-DOS command line

▪† Proficient with 3D modeling software including Maya, Cinema 4D, and 3D Studio Max

▪† Moderate experience with 2D layout software including AutoCAD, Ecotect, and Microstation/GC

▪† Proficient with Adobe software including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Flash

▪† Working knowledge of HTML, Actionscript, C++, and MEL

▪† Experienced with Tablets as input devices for art/design software







▪† Experienced with sketching concepts and translating them to 3D/2D software

▪† Strong attentiveness to critical design elements including color, font, layout, space, and flow

▪† Critical of own work, actively seeking to improve designs through critique and study






BBL Hilton Garden Inn, Dishwasher/Prep Cook

Troy, NY; Jan 2010 - Oct 2010

††† ▪† Managed the cleaning of two separate kitchens

††† ▪† Prepped and plated salads, meals, desserts and appetizers

††† ▪† Performed rolling deep clean duties across all major areas of the banquet hall


Recovery Sports Bar & Grill, Bar-Backer/Dishwasher

Troy, NY; Aug 2009 - Jan 2010

††† ▪† Assisted bartenders, servers, and back-of-house staff

††† ▪† Maintained bar and cooler stock, prepared garnishes, and cleaned bar area

††† ▪† Fulfilled dishwashing and prep cook duties as needed


Micro Electronic Device Specialists Inc., Electrical Engineer's Assistant

Poughkeepsie, NY; May 2008 - May 2009

††† ▪† Assisted with job contract to design, purchase, install/modify/program, and finalize a robotic

†† ††††system tasked with high-precision beveling of crystals intended for various electronic devices

††† ▪† Performed repairs and overhauls of vacuum chamber equipment and computer systems


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Animation I Teaching Assistant

Troy, NY; Spring 2008

††† ▪† Supervised students during studio activity to ensure understanding of lectures

††† ▪† Semester covered tools and techniques for Maya in the basic to intermediate range

††† ▪† Provided one-on-one assistance for the students both during and after class


Micro Electronic Device Specialists Inc., Electrical Engineer's Assistant

Poughkeepsie, NY; Summer 2007

††† ▪† Assisted with scrapping of a Schott Lithotec/DuPont Photomasks cleanroom

††† ▪† Handled a wide range of multi-million-dollar cleanroom equipment and hazardous chemicals


Spectra Engineering, Architecture & Surveying, P.C., Office Assistant

Poughkeepsie, NY; Summer 2001

††† ▪† Worked in AutoCAD on several professional projects (existing and proposed)

††† ▪† Conducted percolation tests at a proposed site

††† ▪† Printed, bound, and mailed or delivered blueprints of current projects






▪† PC/Console Gaming, Music/Instruments/Concerts/Performing Arts, PC Building/Modification,

3D Modeling, Game Design, Graphic Design/2D Art, Electronics, Biking